While I am not yet at the sweatpants to work wearing stage (no disrespect!), I seriously appreciate comfort. Maybe because it’s now socially acceptable to wear workout gear to the chic café on the corner. Or perhaps because I grew up during the rise and rise of the ‘Jegging’. But as I opened my draw this morning and happily by-passed a fluro cheek scrapping G-string and picked up my plain nude seamless (did I mention plain) full coverage underwear, I realised I am so comfortable being comfortable.

Believe me this wasn’t always the case. I grew up watching Sex and the City, so when I was 18 I thought it was my duty to gleefully purchase painfully high heels. I use to squeeze my wide flat foot in and hobble out of my parents’ house with mum laughing behind me questioning if I could even walk in them! Without fail, I would be uncomfortable as soon as I arrived at the bar then at the club, on the dancefloor and then all the way to the bus stop. My friends and I would play a sick twisted game where we would see who could last the longest without taking their shoes off. And we would stand all the way !

But without fail, I would take them off as soon as I got home and padded to my bathroom as my feet swelled to double the size. I remember one night- I hurled one particularly lethal pair of shoes over the Pyrmont Bridge in Sydney in a sort of defiant victory! I was happier to walk on the filthy footpath to my friend’s car than put those on again. So if you are finding yourself sighing in dread as you put on your inner-thigh-scrapping-to-red-raw tight sequin shorts (I speak from experience), and wondering if you should blissfully join the comfort rebellion, we welcome you!


It’s true! Gone are the days where it is comfort over fashion. The rise of Birkenstocks, flip-flops and swishy flowy dresses on runways of Paris prove this. I complimented a girl on her outfit over the weekend and she said: “Thanks, this top is so uncomfortable though, but fashion is pain right!” Um, what?! Where did we get this idea? There are some amazing brands and labels that make gorgeous clothes that look amazing and don’t threaten your internal organs. From fancy PJs to the clothes you sweat in- there is no such thing as “finding a medium” between comfort over fashion. You can have your cake and eat it too- while wearing clothing that looks divine and feels fantastic

Potting shed chic


In saying all that, yes. There are times and places where you A) can chance not being comfortable and B) need to be uncomfortable. Think of work. I mean I don’t find a pencil dress my idea of sleeping on a cloud. Nor the heels that I match it with! But I am sitting at my desk or walking short distances to meetings throughout the day so I am ok to chance to feel a little stiff. I also need to look appropriate for work. Pick your battles of when you can wear that jumpsuit that you may have got a size too small… It may be a dinner, a wedding. Sometimes you have to battle it out, but only sometimes.  My suit and high heels are not my preference, but I need to look appropriate when going for an interview.

“I’ll only come out if I can stay in my gown.”


Have you ever tried to hold an intellectual conversation while your feet are screaming (I seem to be traumatised from my years of wearing 6 inches). Do you find it easy to laugh when you have a wedgy…in the front? If you can, you seriously have superhuman abilities! When you are comfortable, you perform better at being…yourself. Yes, it sounds cheesy but it is true. You feel more confident, can actually focus on the task at hand and rock it! I once wore boots that sent subtle shivers down my spine as they crushed my small pinkie toe. As you can imagine, I was not my fun self and I swore I would never buy uncomfortable shoes again.


If you are wearing frocks that look fantastic and feel fantastic, amazing. But if you are wearing frocks that look fantastic and feel like death, well you need to rethink why you are willing to be uncomfortable? Is it to impress yourself or someone else? Comfort is badass because it’s saying frock off to trying to fit into whatever fashion trend is on and rebelling into doing your own thing. I love to look sexy. But I have a limit. And the limit is feeling great in my clothes.

Nowadays, the rebellion of being comfortable has woven itself effortlessly within my daily life. I don’t buy shoes over 3 inches. I’d rather wear a gorgeous dress that is not so tight that it threatens to stop my breathing. And Jeans? Yeah honey, gimmie that stretch! There is truly something badass about being comfortable. I say rebel!


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