I set myself crazy goals this year. I am planning to write and perform a One Woman show (hereby known as the OWS), perform a short comedy set and write consecutive content for my blog. Some of you may be wondering why. Getting up and performing in front of people? Getting heckled at some dingy bar? And isn’t blogging dead?
Yes, maybe and no!

Like many many people, I am seeking to better myself in some way this year. Yes yes, I know- it is late February and I am still harping on about your new year resolutions. But I think me writing and sharing my plans with you may mean I will be able to keep in mind my original intentions and sort of keep me accountable. Sort of like I’ve put it out there in the web, now I have to keep my promise kinda thing! Plus, I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

Bottom line is I want to create more. I find myself always listening to music.. and if I am not listening to music, I am listening to podcasts. And if I am not listening to podcasts I am watching a show/movie/video. Or scrolling through FB/Linkedin/Twitter. Or trying to find some other medium to entertain me with! I am a serious content consumer and it was only until one day when I had to look up on google what I thought about a current event when I realised- when last have I actually produced something. This is not the standards I want to hold myself up to. I want to stop wishing I was the storyteller and start telling the damn story!

So. I sort of have a plan for each creative outlet.. sort of.


Curse my big mouth and my attention seeking nature! I figured out I wanted to do an OWS before Christmas last year and then I proceeded to tell everyone I ever met. Now my friends want a preview show and I have not written a single thing! But as with all three of my goals, I have the whole year to work on this so I have made a bit of a timeline.

Jan- March: Plotting the concept, brainstorming and drafting, enter into Fringe Festival
April- June: Finalising draft
July-August: Practice, Practice, Practice
September: Perform

Stay tuned, I will be blogging how this is going up until show day!


Look, it may be 5 minutes on stage at the open mike night at the Irish pub up the road or 10 minutes at my apartment in front of family and friends. But I am planning to do it! No real time frame for this one, just sometime in 2019. I have been a big fan of comedy (I mean who isn’t) and I think it’s a great way to better your storytelling skills. So far, I have been jotting down material and hoping to get performing soon.


As someone who is pretty anxious, I think writing can help calm your nerves, focus the mind and spark creativity, which is my own anecdote to the blues! Yet I have never got around committing to writing something consecutively and given the easy access to consuming every other medium- I easily get distracted.
But! Here I am, and here I write. I am hoping to smash out 2 blogs per week about… whatever I fancy! I think what has stopped me in the past is thinking my blog has to look or read or be viewed in this way or that! The point of this goal is not to be the best or get the most readership (if any!) but just to write and build my voice.

I am seriously committed to all this and I hope to share my creative experiences with you as well as all the ups and downs of this journey. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I feel like it is high time I built a voice for myself and I hope this inspired your creativity at the same time.


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