Hi, I am Jasmine Leo and Flowerlion.net is your life ally with an attitude.

Seeking to be an offbeat perspective on how to navigate friends/family/careers/side projects/drinking enough water and all things in between; Flowerlion will be a place where we can all learn to be unapologetically ourselves. Screw the social expectation, down with negativity and long live self-care.

Content for this blog is my own honest musings and personal experiences that may make you challenge your mindset so you can reach next level badassery.

The concept of Flowerlion was born out of my names’ alternate meaning. Jasmine is a Flower and Leo is a Lion.
While a Flower is lovely, sweet, beautiful and delicate; a Lion is ferocious, wild and mysteriously powerful. I seek to channel these two concepts in the way I live my life.

Thank you for visiting this small corner of the interwebs. You are now part of the Flowerlion community.

Live lovely and ferocious…